The adgistment or adjustment of the fur children

9 Jul

People who know us, know how much our dogs are actually our “fur children”, hence the contsant barrage of questions about what we would do when baby came along, and now how the dogs are coping. We were even asked whether we would be getting rid of the dogs….. really?

It has simply been a matter of adjusting. Our aim with having a baby has always been to continue with our life as it is, simply slotting a baby into the greater scheme of things. People scoffed when we aired this opinion and now I understand why (Babies need naps! Babies aren’t always happy! Babies create a lot of washing! You can’t leave a baby alone!). Lessening the status of our fur children has never been an option, we created a new level in the hierarchy for Asher. We’re lucky that Asher has adapted to life on the outside pretty well, and also lucky that Shackle Dog and The Skipper are gentle beasts and haven’t reacted badly to the new addition.

The Skipper has taken on the role of the protector.

Skipper ajudicates over playtime

Asher cries, skipper runs to her or barks to let me know she’s awake. If given the option he would sleep under her bed, and we have had several instances of “where’s Skip?” after putting Asher to bed and finding him curled up under the bed next to the wall hidden away from the quick glance we normally cast over her bedroom before closing the door.

Shackle Dog is simply enjoying the fact that the heater is on all day, and sometimes she makes sure Ash is still around.

Yes, I enjoy living life with a little insanity.


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