And in this perfect weather, we’ll find a place together

5 Aug

Dear Asher,

Yesterday we went to the beach for the first time. We sat by the water at Clontarf, in amazing 24 degree winter sunshine, and I showed you a blue sky that can only be found in Australia. I’ve searched the world for it, but have always come home as I can’t imagine living through the four seasons without seeing a blue sky like this.

We giggled together in the pharmacy on the way back from the bay walk in the morning, trying to find you a sun hat in the middle of winter. In that moment, I could see so many more like this in our future. Yet somehow I felt sad that this one had passed and I wouldn’t be able to re-live it again, to see this particular glint in your eye and smile play on your lips. It’s in the memory bank.

I loved seeing you laying on a towel at the beach smiling in the amazing sunshine, and seeing your toes peaking out from under your wrap whilst you napped to the sound of other children playing, the sea and the gulls. But my favourite part of the whole day was seeing your little legs and little feet free of long pants and socks for the first time, being able to feel your soft baby skin and to see your chubby little thighs and long long toes all day long.

I can’t wait to spend summer with you. xx.


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