Then all of a sudden, I heard a note, it started in my chest and ended in my throat, and then I realised I was swimming

7 Aug

Another milestone, another realisation of who you may become.

Asher, although you’ve had many baths in your short little life, today you had your first BIG bath. The lack of hot water at our house drove us to your grandparents place who have the biggest, deepest bath you can imagine. In fact, this bath would have been to you, what a pool is to us big people.

We jumped in together, and you giggled and kicked and flirted with your daddy as he tried to wash your hair. A water baby! I jumped out, and your dad jumped in to have some bathtime with you, and as I watched my two favourite people in the whole world I saw images of the future we have to look forward to.

I imagine you as a little bare-bottomed babe at the waters edge with your spade and bucket, with us constantly watching to make sure you don’t take a mighty run into the big, wet ocean that so fascinates you.

I picture myself sitting by the side of the pool week in, week out as you get better and more confident in swimming lessons, and cheering you on at school swimming carnivals.

I can already feel the terror of watching you jump so fearlessly off the side of the boat in summer, and the pride of watching you row the dinghy back to the shore without any thought to the deep body of water that surrounds you.

My little water baby, what are you going to be? I can’t wait to see.


One Response to “Then all of a sudden, I heard a note, it started in my chest and ended in my throat, and then I realised I was swimming”

  1. bubbylicious August 10, 2011 at 1:04 am #

    Hi, I just clicked over to you from I love her blog. Looks like we’re neighbours as you mentioned Clontarf in your last post and I’m on the northern beaches too. Congrats on little Asher, cutie pie – good luck.

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