Love hurts… but sometimes it’s a good hurt

19 Aug

Dear Asher,

Here is your first lesson in life brought to you by your mama and papa during what can only be described as the biggest emotional roller coaster that any couple ever goes on. You. Well, not specifically you, but a first child; the first experience of keeping another human being alive together as a family unit.

Disagreements about the best way to look after you are obviously because we love you, but man is it irritating. I’m a control freak, and your dad is completely stubborn. The current situation seems to be bringing out the best of both in us (sarcasm!).

I know I’m being sorry sook a lot of the time. I know that your dad is going it tough too, but I always feel like I’m the one doing it tougher and sit and stew after a disagreement with 10000000000 reasons for why it is tougher for me. And I’m sure your dad does that too.
I gave birth to you! I have a hormonal connection! I’ve been home with you since you were born and now have headed back into the big bad world of work when you’re 10 weeks old! No one else goes back to work this early for a reason! I can’t vouch for your dad’s version, but I’m sure it isn’t that dissimilar.

Stinky, I guess what I’m trying to say is that life is a rough ride. Sometimes you have days/weeks that are really really tough, and you might feel really alone. At other times you will look at the people that surround you and realise that your life is so full of love that your heart might burst just at the thought of it. And for this reason the tough times can hurt even more.

I will be there for you through all the rough patches. I will always be there to laugh with you, cry with you, be angry with you and try to make you see the brighter side.

All forms of love hurt, and usually they hurt so much because of how wonderful they are.

Love always xxx


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