Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens…

2 Nov

I hate to think about how much time I have spent in the last month doing uni work and stressing about work instead of spending it with my gorgeous Asher and amazing husband…. so I’m compiling a list of things I love right now:

  • Watching Asher sleep – really, I always laughed at people who raved about how they spend hours watching babies sleep, but now I understand it. There is something so peaceful about a sleeping baby, Asher is so active when she’s awake, I find it gives me the opportunity to actually look at her. I wait until she’s properly asleep, creep in and sit on the couch next to her bed. It’s one of the rare moments that I feel at peace, and can fully comprehend the enormity of the fact that I’m a mother, and marvel in how awesome it really is. Creepy much? ha!
  • Walking the dogs in the early morning, before most people have gotten out of bed, before the sun is properly up. There is something peaceful about being one of only a few people out and about, hearing your sneakers pounding the footpath, and being able to even walk down the middle of the road. I hate the getting out of bed part, but always feel so much better for the day once I’m outside and moving.
  • Having things to look forward to. Tom and I haven’t been out much as a couple without Ash. Which is fine, great to have a baby we can take anywhere, but I miss having “adult” time. We have several parties to look forward to in the coming weeks, and weddings in January. But I think what I’m looking forward to the most is my long summer holiday. A benefit of going back to work when Asher was 10 weeks old is the fact that I get the summer holidays without having to stress too much about money; I can see long days at the beach, picking Tom up from work at 4 and meeting friends at the beach for early dinner, introducing Asher to “Hotspur Sundays” on the boat.
  • Beautiful stationary. There is nothing more fun than receiving a beautiful envelope in the post, and opening it to reveal a gorgeous invite with the promise of a fun party to come. I keep lovely things on my fridge; it’s so nice to be able to look at gorgeous postcards, invites, thank you’s in a room where I’m normally slaving away over something or other!
  • Dressing a baby. I loved dressing my dolls as a little girl, and was always spoilt for choice of clothes as my mum and Grandma used to make me clothes for all of my dolls. I now have my own live baby to dress, and I love it. I love thinking about the day ahead, checking the weather and planning the perfect outfit for Asher to wear. Be it a day at Grandmas, or a birthday party. I love the little onesies with cute printed elephants, the little spotty shorts and the little pink hooded jacket. The t-shirt dress with little girls on it carrying teacups on their heads is a personal favourite. There is something fun about dressing a little girl – you can get away with the slighly ridiculously cute things that an adult should never attempt. Me laying out her clothes for Tom to dress her isn’t me being a control freak… it’s me having fun! Really!
  • Being a working mum. Yes I’m time poor, yes I can be stressed, but I can also be proud of my achievements. It’s a great pat on the back when something BIG you have pushed gets approved by the powers that be. I can provide great things for my daughter, spend 18 weeks a year of holidays with her and do a job I love. Yep, it stresses me out, but in reality I love it.
  • Lucky last, and most importantly, I love the little family that Tom and I have created.

I feel better for writing this. Today will be a good day.


One Response to “Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens…”

  1. Elise @ Stuff That I Bought November 23, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    Reading this has made me so happy! ❤

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