Don’t wake me I plan on sleeping in

22 Nov

People are quick to judge, especially mothers. I’ve come to learn that the best approach to discussions about baby developments with other mothers is to keep one’s mouth shut, unfortunately I’m not very good at it. I’m especially not good at it when people as me about my baby’s sleep. “Is your baby sleeping?” is a question I get regularly, and I love the fact that I can say that she has been sleeping through since she was 3 weeks old. Yes yes, gloaty-mc-gloaty. I however can’t take the credit for this miracle, I credit it all to the routines in ‘Save our sleep’.

Rountines are a big discussion point for parents. Do you push your newborn into a routine or do you let them set the pace and eventually find their own rhythm? I for one was upset that I didn’t read the book earlier. I am a control freak and happy to admit it, and the fact there is no general guideline or manual for raising a baby almost drove me bonkers in the first few weeks. When do I feed her? When should she sleep? How much sleep should she be getting? I read the book, followed the books advice to a ‘T’ for 3 days and it worked. Not only was my baby sleeping through the night, but I had also regained my sanity in that I had guidelines for my day that I could work around.

I would never advocate taking advice only from one source, I think one needs to choose the parts that work for them and make it work for the baby. ‘Save our sleep’ has a no dummy rule, which we don’t follow, but essentially Asher doesn’t need a dummy and will happily go to sleep without one, which I do credit to the fact that we use the routine. I also don’t stress to much if I’m out and about during her sleep time, as long we she can catch up on it at some point during the day.

The fact that Asher does sleep is the reason I can cope with full time work, 2 dogs, a house and part time uni, and even then I struggle to get through the day without caffeine. I am ever grateful for both sleep and caffeine.

nb. I do fully realise that routines do not work for everyone, this is solely my experience and opinion!



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