Talking ’bout my girl (at 6 months)

20 Dec

Dear Asher,

So I’m two weeks late, but the cliche stands that time is flying by.  I can’t believe that you’re actually 6 months and 20 days old? Slow on the ‘6 month update’ uptake.

You’ve been trying to crawl for about a month now. I was sure it would happen by the 6 month mark but it didn’t, and you continued to get more and more annoyed by it, to the point that I couldn’t face leaving you on the ground as your frustration was so annoying. And then a week ago you became mobile. You started dragging yourself slowly to things, and this week you gained speed. On Monday at Wizzy World (hell) with Anna and Amber you were after everything you wanted; coloured balls, other children, big cushy toys. The play pen is going back up at home, I have found you with my laptop cord in your mouth a few too many times…

You cut your first 2 teeth in the week of the 10th of October at 4 months old. I didn’t even notice, but your uncle Michael spotted something white on your gum, the second one popped through a day later. S0 for over 2 months we’ve been waiting for your top chompers, and after weeks of fussy behaviour, this morning one of them finally appeared.

So far I’ve heard you say the words ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘woof woof’, ‘opa’ and ‘hi’. None of them have been in context, and I know that to you they’re just sounds that you’re repeating, but so many words for a proud mama!

You love food, and will eat anything we give you. This week we introduced vegemite toast and I think you would be happy to sit in your high chair all day, gnawing on toast fingers. Skipper sits vigil under the chair and eats the soggy scraps that get dropped. He has become your best mate. You want to be near the dogs at all time, and if I could train either one of them to change a nappy and make up a bottle, I’m sure they would be the best babysitters in the world. Now that you’re more mobile, you go to them as soon as you spot them.

We have a big couple of weeks of firsts ahead of us – first Christmas, first plane ride, first new year. Every minute of every day is an adventure being your mum.

I love you my big (little) girl, and love seeing head-strong way that you’re already taking in this big world.



One Response to “Talking ’bout my girl (at 6 months)”

  1. Hillary December 21, 2011 at 6:50 am #

    Oh my goodness, she has the most beautiful eyes!

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