Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air (8 months)

15 Feb

My darling girl, over 8 months have gone since that amazing moment when I first met you. How both of our lives have changed.

This month you started daycare, got a lot of teeth and are pulling yourself up on everything. You have been grumpy, and clingy and I’ve been wondering if this phase will ever end.

Daycare has been such an amazing experience for you. My little social butterfly, you have blossomed and taken it all into your stride. Not once have you cried when I have left you, and everytime I sneak back to peer through the window, you’re happily investigating the toys or watching and interacting with the other children. Your teachers have nicknamed you ‘Sunshine’, and really it is appropriate. You laugh, you smile, and really you love life. Sadly the last couple of weeks have been a little more fraught, not sleeping at daycare (too much stimulation!) and getting 5 teeth at once have taken their toll and your demeanor has been a little less than sunny, although not altogether bad. It breaks my heart though to know that you’re going through pain, and that I’m not there to help you through it. This month has been the first time that I questioned and felt sick about going back to work full time.

Since starting daycare you’ve learnt to wave, and really pull yourself up on things. The waving is adorable. You wave when you see me through the car window after I buckle you in, which is possibly my favourite thing in the world. Please keep doing that always.

Getting teeth has made you sad, but being able to eat more interesting food has made you happy! Now you can eat cruskits and fruit with so much more ease! But you’re getting angry, and grumpy and clingy and GOD FORBID WE’RE OUT OF SIGHT FOR 2 SECONDS.

On Monday you got sent home from daycare with a suspected tummy bug, and were therefore excluded for 24 hours from going back. I was annoyed! Another day I had to take off work after an ongoing period of sickness in our house! How was I going to get any work done at home! I’m so glad you were ‘excluded’. It was the most enjoyable day I think I have ever spent with you (in 8 months!). We giggled together, we played together, we hung up washing and went to the shops and you slept some wonderful naps so that I could get work done in between.

I’m learning to love this phase; you cuddle me, and sometimes you like your distance as long as I’m in the room! You play with and explore EVERYTHING and you’re finally learning what it means when I say no.  At the same time I am so eager to live out the next few years of our life; to see you as a little girl, walking, talking and one day (in a while!) being a big sister.

I love you more everyday Big Ash x


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